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A Vape Store Franchise Customers Love | VaporFi Franchise

These days, more and more people are enjoying the vape experience — and why not? For many, vaping is a way to wean themselves off cigarettes and make a commitment toward more healthy living. For others, it’s just a way to relax and conveniently enjoy new flavor combinations. And as more and more people are discovering the pleasures and benefits of vaping, the vape industry is booming. That means now might be a great time to invest in a VaporFi franchise. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why customers love us, and why VaporFi stands out among other vape store franchise opportunities.

It’s All About the Flavors

A VaporFi customer becomes a VaporFi fan the moment he or she realizes there are nearly 30,000 different flavor combinations to choose from — and not just any flavors, either. Our e-liquids are expertly created in our FDA-registered lab and feature superior quality juices and maximum vapor production. They’re 100% American made and are blended and created by  VaporFi Vapetenders. As a VaporFi franchise owner, you’ll be able to offer your customers a nearly unlimited choice in flavor combinations, allowing them a fully customized vape experience. Vapers will be able to choose between one, two, or three flavors to create their unique blends, and can browse through a number of satisfying flavor families.

It’s All About the Quality

VaporFi customers love our juices because they’re robust and flavorful, and that’s no accident. Our juices are made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Every one of our flavors are diacetyl-free, acetyl propionyl-free, and include only the purest nicotine available and top-rated glycerin. The attention we show to the quality of our flavors means they have exceptional taste, draw beautifully, and are satisfying on every level. Your customers will recognize and appreciate our high standards right away, and will keep coming back to enjoy old favorites or create new blends, knowing that whatever they decide on will not disappoint. Furthermore,

when you open a vape store franchise with VaporFi, you’ll be able to offer not just a choice of thousands of flavor combinations, but also the highest quality and most recognized vape accessories on the market.

A Brand That Supports You

When you join the VaporFi brand family, you’ll have the support of our franchise management team with decades of experience in manufacturing, distribution and retail. We go the distance when it comes to training and supporting our franchisees because we know the VaporFi brand is only as successful as our franchise partners. We’ll do everything we can to set you up for that success before, during, and after you open your doors. And since all our superior-quality juices are manufactured at our own facility, there is no middle man, which means lower product costs and overhead — and higher profit margins.

Are you ready to be part of the vape industry and open your own vape store franchise with VaporFi? If so, get in touch with us today.