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How to Open a Vaperfi Franchise Shop | VaporFi Franchise

VaporFi is proud to be a leader in the growing vaping industry, a market that continues to appeal to more and more people around the world. So, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of business-minded individuals are realizing the value of making an investment in our industry — and we think a great way to do that is to open a VaporFi franchise. Any investor who does his or her research on how to open a vape shop is going to quickly realize that the best franchise business models offer flexible shop formats. The VaporFi system does just that, so let’s take a look at three of them.

Mall Kiosks are Economical and Efficient

Mall kiosks are an economical way to test the waters as a business owner, and they offer numerous advantages over other shop formats. For one thing, their startup costs are typically lower than they would be for more traditional sites. A smaller retail presence is easier to manage, requires less staff, and occupies a lower square footage. That all means lower overhead, which in turn can mean higher margins! Furthermore, with a mall kiosk, you get the advantages of steady foot traffic for a faction of the cost. Kiosks are also a great way to introduce your demographic to the product, focusing on best-sellers or seasonal favorites. Lastly, a mall kiosk might just be your stepping stone to a bigger storefront.

Malls and Shopping Centers offer Convenience

Perhaps you’re ready to make a more permanent commitment to a retail space and want to open a VaporFi franchise in a more traditional setting. In that case, inline mall and shopping center storefronts might be the answer. These locations are ideal because they’re typically situated in convenient, well-established areas of commerce and offer ample parking. Malls, of course, can be shopped in no matter what the weather, and shopping centers are more and more becoming destination points, with name-brand outlet stores and restaurants as enticements. Here again, you’ll be benefitting from built-in foot traffic, which will allow you to reach a broader customer base, and these locations also typically offer simpler leasing agreements.

The Freedom of a Free-Standing Store Front

It’s probably true that when most of us think about how to open a vape shop and where to locate it, our first thought is of a free-standing location, or your typical bricks-and-mortar storefront. There are many advantages to this shop format. For one thing, because these spaces tend to be larger, they typically offer more flexibility and freedom — freedom to stock more product and display it the way you’d like, and the flexibility over signage and its reach. Free-standing storefronts can also be found in a variety of neighborhoods, allowing you to be more precise in targeting your ideal customers.

No matter what shop format appeals to you, or where you choose to open a VapoFi franchise, you can rest assured that our experts will work with you to find the ideal site that reaches your best demographic!

If you’d like to learn more about how to open a vape shop, get in touch with us today.