VaporFi is a unique player in the e-cig franchise industry. Founded in 2013, we experienced an incredible growth thanks to a few key differences between our brand and the competition. Keeping our focus on quality and maintaining our high standards in everything we do, we’ve worked hard to build a platform our franchisees can be proud of. Read on to learn more about VaporFi, our history, and how we stand out in the industry.

Striving for Something Better

Back in 2013, our CEO, Nick Molina, observed a gap in the market. Vaping and e-cigs were becoming more popular but many of the vape stores still offered products that were low in quality, with poorly-made devices and e-liquids that came in flavors that were uninspired. Service at these stores made it difficult for the average consumer to walk into a smoke shop and determine which products to try.

In recognizing this, Molina developed a business model built around principles that diverge from the norm. Customers should be able to walk into any one of our e-cig franchises and buy with confidence, knowing that everything sold by the VaporFi brand is sure to meet their expectations. We expect our stores to be clean and well-lit, creating an atmosphere of safety and transparency. VaporFi employees know their stuff, especially when it comes to the products they sell. More importantly, each staffer wants to give customers a comfortable and productive shopping experience.

No surprise there that customers would take to the VaporFi concept, allowing us the room for expansion, opening 21 new units in a three-year period!

A Unique e-Cig Franchise Model

Apart from the quality of our products and our commitment to customer service, VaporFi stands out because of our effective business model. It’s easy to open one of our franchises in just about any space you can imagine, whether it be a shopping center location, a mall kiosk, or a standalone store.

VaporFi can be easy to access in every community, so customers can drop by at any time and we’re flexible enough to help franchisees to open shop with any investment budget.

We control our quality because we manufacture and distributes all of our own products our prices remain low while the quality stays high. Best of all, when VaporFi customers need a refill on our trademark e-liquids, they return to one of e-cig franchise owners for more, hour franchisees to stay competitive in this fast-growing industry.

The Support Our Franchisees Need

One of the critical benefits of opening a franchise as opposed to starting a business from scratch is the extension of training and aid for the corporate office to get the idea off the ground. VaporFi’s training program allows even a novice to open their e-cig franchise as if they are the experts in the field. You’ll join us for a full five days at our headquarters in Miami, where we will teach you the basics and provide you with guidance in selecting the right location for your demographic data. We even send a representative to your brick-and-mortar store to help you prepare for the grand opening!

VaporFi is a friend to our franchisees, helping them through the process of getting their e-cig franchises from infancy to success! Contact VaporFi today to learn more about our business and what we look for in potential franchisees!