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3 Signs Starting a Vape Franchise is for You | VaporFi Franchise

If you’ve been grinding away at a corporate job for a long time, you’re probably ready to make a change. You may have spent most of your career working for someone else, and are growing pretty restless not having total control of your work schedule. Starting a vape franchise means you’ll be able to gain unprecedented independence, be your own boss, and make an investment in a thriving industry. If you’re feeling that entrepreneurial itch to make a change, and take control of your career, VaporFi might be the franchise opportunity for you.


VaporFi understands that our franchisees want a certain degree of independence and freedom, which is why you’ll be making most of the important business decisions for yourself, once your business is up and running. This allows our franchisees to feel a greater sense of control over their workdays, giving them the freedom and flexibility to structure their schedule however they see fit, and spend more time with family and friends. As the franchise owner, you’ll also enjoy the largest share of the profits your business generates, which can go a long way towards helping you achieve the financial independence you’ve always wanted.

You’re Passionate About Our Industry

There are tons of franchise options to choose from, so you might as well pick one you actually enjoy, and which supports you in your efforts. VaporFi prides itself on giving you all the resources you need to get started, and we’re there every step of the way as you establish your new business. Thanks to our proven business model, franchisees find the transition to our system quite smooth. Since we produce all of our own products, our franchisees are able to offer high-quality merchandise at competitive prices, that keeps customers coming back. Even if you’re not a big vaper yourself, you’ll quickly find that our industry and franchise model is extremely easy to navigate. Our flexible business model means that franchisees have ultimate location flexibility, with the ability to set up anywhere from a mall kiosk to a standalone store. This helps franchisees jump into the industry at different price points.

You’re Looking for a Thriving Industry

Vaping has been rapidly increasing in popularity worldwide, especially in the United States.  The convenience of vaping and its relative health benefits compared to cigarettes have made it a growing phenomenon, and industry growth isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Best of all, research shows that vapers prefer to buy their vaping products from local specialty stores rather than online retailers. As the owner of your own vape shop, you’ll be well-equipped to provide high quality new and classic vaping products to your community; and with our brand name, you’ll be able to offer exclusive products that customers can’t find anywhere else

If you’re excited by the prospect of starting a vape franchise, with VaporFi, reach out to us today. Explore our website to learn more about the opportunity, or to get started.