Vaping has grown increasingly popular in the United States in recent years, making now the best time to invest in a vapor shop franchise. Vapers love the convenience of being able to access the products they love right in their own communities. If you’re thinking of breaking into the industry, you might be stuck between opening a franchise or starting a business from scratch. Even if you do opt to franchise, you’ll need to determine which franchisor is right for you. Franchising with VaporFi is an excellent option for a variety of reasons – learn more below!

Avoid the Hassle of Securing Suppliers

When you start any retail business, it’s important to identify which suppliers you’ll need to keep your shelves fully stocked. Furthermore, you’ll need to build relationships with these suppliers to ensure your business never falls through the cracks on their end. This is one of the most complicated aspects of starting a business from scratch. However, when you decide to open a vapor shop franchise with VaporFi, you can bypass this hurdle altogether. We’ve already determined the best products to sell in our stores, That means that ordering and restocking is a cinch, and you don’t need to go out of your way to find the best new products to keep in-stock. Along these lines, eliminating outside suppliers from our business model allows us to keep our prices low, giving our customers a one-of-a-kind vaping experience that they can afford.

A Vertically-Integrated Vapor Shop Franchise

The reason that VaporFi is able to offer high-quality products at competitive prices is that we’re a vertically-integrated company! That means we design, manufacture, and distribute our products independently. This helps to keep our costs low by eliminating the middlemen from our supply chain. It also helps us keep our quality consistent since we’re able to have greater control over the manufacturing process. Perhaps best of all, it allows our franchisees to offer unique vaping products that can’t be found anywhere else! When our customers fall in love with one of our proprietary e-liquid flavors, they’ll need to return to VaporFi vape shop franchises to purchase it again.

Custom-Blended e-Liquids Unique to VaporFi

Once you’ve made the decision to open a vapor shop franchise rather than start a new company from scratch, you’ll need to decide on which franchisor works with your goals. Another advantage that VaporFi has over other brands in the industry is we allow our customers to combine up to three of our flavorful e-liquids together to create their own custom blend for a total of 30,000 combinations! Designed with maximum flavor and vapor production in mind, our high-quality and unique e-liquids keep VaporFi customers loyal to our company, which means more profits for you.

Of course, there are many other great reasons to partner with VaporFi. Our well-established brand name, emphasis on training and support, and a flexible business model are just a few of the reasons we’ve become an industry leader. All of these factors make VaporFi an excellent choice for anyone looking to break into the industry by opening a vapor shop franchise.

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