Franchising is one of the best ways to become your own boss while limiting the risk involved with starting your own business. But what is it that makes some franchises so wildly successful, while others fail to gain traction?

More often than not, it is the franchise owner’s actions. When a franchise owner follows sound advice and takes the right steps, their franchise is much more likely to succeed. 

our 8 essential tips to succeed as a franchisee

If you want to become one of these successful franchise owners, these eight simple tips will give you a starting point for getting your franchise off the ground.

1. choose a brand that will help you succeed

Plenty of companies offer franchise owners a chance to become a part of their brand, but not all of them have a clear franchising package that will lead to success. As you are deciding on which brand to join, identify all of the ways the company provides franchise help through training, marketing resources, planning and more. This will help you determine which brands are committed to your success as a franchise owner.

2. pick your location wisely

Your franchise’s location will largely influence your customer demographics and sales, so it’s important to be aware of your market space and understand which locations are most likely to be profitable. Moreover, most franchise companies have specific guidelines for where you can build a franchise and what demographics you can target.

By understanding these guidelines, you can ensure that you won’t run into any problems when choosing your franchise location. To ensure you make the right location decision, we highly recommend working with a professional broker or commercial real estate partner.

3. find the right employees

In starting your own business, you will be responsible for hiring a team of employees that you can rely upon. Franchise owners need to focus on building a dependable team that can operate on their own, and this starts with hiring employees that are dependable, hard working and experienced in the role they are looking to fill.

It’s important that you do not rush hiring decisions when you need to fill a position. Ensure that the candidate you want to hire can pass a background check, is a great cultural fit, and has all of the skills necessary to succeed in the job.

4. never stop marketing

In order to stand out from other franchises in your area, you will need to market your location continually. Your franchisor company should support you with helpful marketing materials and advice, but you should be prepared to utilize these materials and insights as best as possible. Additionally, remember to get involved in the community and attend local networking events to generate brand awareness.

5. commit to success

Franchising is not for the faint of heart. It requires a significant amount of time and effort, and it can pose unforeseen challenges at any time. However, when you commit yourself to overcoming any obstacles that come your way, you can increase your chances of success. Hard work and determination almost always pay off for franchise owners – both in terms of money and happiness.

6. talk with other franchisees

When you become a franchisee, you also become a member of the franchisee community. Within this community, franchisees discuss their challenges and offer valuable guidance based on their own successes and failures. By getting involved in these conversations and seeking out advice from experienced franchise owners, you can avoid making some of the mistakes that most franchisees make.

7. follow the franchisor’s program

Your franchisor has spent considerable time and money developing a system for expansion. Trying to go off the books to create your own system will only hurt you in the long term. Respect their vision and listen to their advice.

By building and maintaining a positive relationship with your franchisor, you can ensure that they will be there for you when you need help.

8. avoid debt whenever possible

Franchisees can get pulled into dangerous situations when they start putting large expenses like inventory on high-interest credit cards. Being well capitalized is an essential initial step to franchise success. To minimize any potential debt, outline all of the costs that will be involved with owning the franchise before buying it and budget for them accordingly. If you still end up running into financial problems, research and consider methods of funding aside from credit cards.


These are just eight of the most important tips to help you understand how to run a franchise successfully. If you are interested in owning a VaporFi franchise, we can provide you with even more specific tips and advice. Learn more today and see if a VaporFi franchise is in your future.