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5 Ways You can Promote Your VaporFi Store | VaporFi Franchise

These days, people want to know everything about the products they buy and the people behind the business. Customers also love supporting local businesses that have a powerful mission and high-quality products or services. As a result, it’s paramount that franchise owners connect with their local community in positive, meaningful ways. Those who do can gain a positive presence in the local community and significantly increase their sales.

5 effective ways to promote your products

Here are some excellent marketing ideas for franchise owners who want to promote their business locally.

1. ask for online reviews

Ensure that your employees encourage customers to write online reviews for your company after positive and successful interactions. Make sure you have created an account on Yelp and other commonly used review sites so pleased customers can easily find a place to sing your praises.

The key here is asking for the review. Most customers won’t think to do this, even after a wonderful experience. Making one last effort to request the review may be the impetus needed to bring that five-star review to life.

2. host a local class or demo event

This is an especially fantastic idea if your business involves high-priced or complicated products that customers are hesitant about purchasing. It can become quite the social event if you create an itinerary that includes sampling products, viewing demonstrations and participating in a Q&A session. Aside from being a great way to increase your customer email list, it also empowers employees to connect with customers in a much more personal way.

3. write guest posts for local blogs

Connecting with local bloggers is the smartest way to learn about the local community. They are in tune with the passions, fears and desires of the audience they cater to. You will have to do a bit of hunting to find a blog that matches your tone and audience, but once you do, take time to learn more about the blogger.

Reach out to the blogger the way you might a news outlet, but don’t be afraid to make your approach a little more casual and personal. Make sure to share what you enjoy about their blog and explain how your guest piece will compliment their work. Even if they only agree to interview you for a post, it is a win-win!

4. connect with local businesses on social media

If you want the community to follow your social media pages, make sure you do the same for them. This can be something you dole out to a social media manager or something you do yourself, but make sure to actively like other businesses’ posts, comment on their articles and even take part in conversations with locals.

And remember: it doesn’t always have to be about business. The goal is to connect with community. Just make sure to steer away from political or sensitive topics to avoid saying something that may offend your audience.

5. invest in local seo

No matter how you implement local search engine optimization into your marketing model, it is an essential tool for promoting brand awareness in the community. Local SEO involves using keyword research and onsite technical methods to increase the visibility of your website in local search result pages. You have a few basic options:

  • Learn local SEO tactics yourself;
  • Hire a marketing manager who can implement local SEO practices;
  • Invest in local SEO services;
  • Utilize online SEO services.

In a lot of cases, this is a service that the franchisor may provide. Since there are a lot of local SEO scams around the web, many franchisors pay for this service for their franchisees. Regardless of how you choose to make it happen, enacting SEO strategies increases the chances that people searching for products you offer will see your business listed as a top choice online.

learn about your opportunities with VaporFi

At VaporFi, we provide franchise owners with the marketing resources and expert guidance needed to successfully promote their business locally. Learn more about the vape store franchising opportunities available in all 50 states. We look forward to working with you and your community!