5 best communication tips for franchise owners

As a franchise owner, you are tasked with maintaining effective communication with the franchisor. The level of importance communication holds in any given franchise tops many other facets of the organization. Without it, more problems can arise and trust can be broken. For these reasons, it is imperative for franchisees to maintain open lines of communication with their franchisors.

5 best ways to get your franchisor to listen

Here are five essential and effective communication tips to consider.

1. utilize your franchisor’s established method of communication

Your franchisor should indicate the proper channels for seeking answers and sharing updates. Having a consistent method all parties can rely on ensures that franchisor-franchisee relationship remains intact. Here are some effective communication methods to consider:

  • In-person or live-video meetings
  • Online tools such as Slack or Facebook
  • Staff-development trainings
  • Quarterly gatherings
  • Intranet site

Whether you are a new franchise owner trying to access materials, or the company is launching a new product, knowing where to find updated documents and how to get answers to your questions is key. Using modern-day technologies to broadcast to all franchise owners and employees creates a more open and inclusive culture.

2. communicate consistently

With current technology, maintaining consistent communication is easy. When franchise owners implement a consistent form of communication at regular intervals, everyone feels included, informed and empowered. Knowing you will have the most up-to-date business information weekly is essential to trust throughout the company. Additionally, being aware of updated procedures or company-wide promotions as soon as possible is essential to the success of new initiatives.

3. empower collaboration

When you need business advice or assistance, who better to turn to than other franchise operators who have been running the very same business? Having the ability to acquire best practices and expert insights can help you avoid making regrettable business mistakes. Sharing anecdotal information with the franchisors and other franchisees may also bring issues and solutions to light that may not have been considered until much later.

4. make an agenda before all conversations

Anytime you meet with your franchisors, have a plan on paper for your intended discussions. Email an agenda beforehand so all parties know what to expect. This allows for preparation of materials, questions and ideas about the topics included. It is all about productivity and efficiency!

5. don’t hesitate to share your thoughts

Your franchisor may have established a team that takes feedback and ideas from the field. Make sure to voice your concerns, if any, or offer great new ideas or tips the entire business could benefit from. It is also essential that you feel supported by the franchisor, so make sure to voice any concerns when necessary. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions that are critical to the success of your business.

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The best franchisors will rely on an established communication model to promote open dialogue and collaboration throughout the life of your business. VaporFi is committed to maintaining effective lines of communication with all of our franchise owners so they always have the support they need. Learn more about VaporFi’s franchising opportunities and how we empower our franchise owners to succeed today.