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4 Reasons to Get Into the Vaping Industry Now | VaporFi Franchise

4 key reasons why you should work in the vape industry

The vaporizer industry has recently begun to boom. As consumers become more aware of the negative effects of carcinogens and there is continued growth in the use of vaporizers, we are beginning to see a major shift toward all things vape.

4 reasons now is the time to get into the vaping field

Here are four reasons why you should consider working in the growing vape industry.

1. join a huge community of vape enthusiasts

Vape stores are becoming common in many communities, comparable to a local coffee shop. Thanks to the massive quantity of flavors and accessories, there is a great deal of product for consumers to explore. You can even mix and match flavors to expand the already long list of flavors. Vape stores are becoming favorite hangouts for vaporizer enthusiasts who want to relax and chat while experimenting with new tastes and blends.

2. it is a booming industry

Sales in the vaporizer industry have been steadily increasing since 2013. Even though vape products are sold online, vape stores have catapulted the industry into the economic spotlight. The best part is, this industry has brought numerous jobs and investors to the table. According to The Vape Guide, current growth is expected to skyrocket because current smokers are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of smoking, and new innovative vape products continue to be developed.

3. new and exciting products continue to hit the market

Many cool gadgets and accessories are being developed by creative individuals who see value and opportunity in the vape industry. Trends show that whether an individual enjoys dessert flavors as a way to curb calories or chooses to use the vape technology as a way to slow their smoking habits, there are a ton of products – and more coming – to help support consumers’ goals.

4. vapor is a positive alternative to smoking

The Royal College of Physicians issued a report in 2016 titled, “Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco harm reduction.” It states that the harm from vape pens is only 5 percent of the harms that come from smoking. Many individuals have made the switch to vape products to help support a transition to healthier habits. Many workplaces don’t allow smoking any longer, so vaporizers have become a happy replacement for folks who once enjoyed stepping out for a cigarette. Plus, compared to tobacco products, there is less odor because most vape flavors are deliciously aromatic and pleasant.

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