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4 Reasons to Purchase a Vape Shop Franchise | VaporFi Franchise

If you’ve been thinking about shaking up your career, purchasing a vape shop franchise is a great way to go about it. As we’ll demonstrate below, Americans are in love with their vaping products. VaporFi offers qualified investors the chance to get in on the action by setting up their own VaporFi location – even if they have little experience in the vaping industry! Let’s take a closer look at a few of the reasons why becoming a vape shop franchise owner might be just the career move for you.

Our Industry is Rapidly Growing

The number of adults who vape has been steadily growing since 2011, and that growth isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In 2016, it was estimated that the global vaping industry was valued at around $22 billion! Overwhelmingly, the largest market size for vaping is in the United States, where consumers purchase around six times more vaping products than the second-largest market.

It’s hard to say exactly why vaping has become so popular, but research can give us some indications. Many vapers love that they can use their products without bothering others (unlike cigarettes, that are notorious for eye-watering, foul-smelling smoke). Along these lines, fewer places ban vaping while cigarettes aren’t welcome in many public spaces. This convenience, along with a virtually limitless selection of flavors, has catapulted the vaping industry in the United States.

Vapers Prefer In-Store Shopping

In 2019, consumers turn to the internet for many types of purchase. However, the vaping industry may be an exception to this trend. Research shows that vapers prefer making their purchases in-store rather than online. Being able to touch, see, and smell vaping products is an important part of the shopping experience. You’d be hard-pressed to find a franchisor that provides a better in-store experience than VaporFi!  We allow our patrons to custom-blend their own e-liquids with up to 30,000 possible flavor combinations!

Opening a Vape Shop Franchise Is Simple with VaporFi

If you’d like to break into the vaping industry but aren’t sure where to start, VaporFi can help. Our business has experienced rapid growth as we’ve delved into franchising, and we’ve helped many franchisees establish new locations. Even if you’re coming from a corporate background and have little entrepreneurial experience, we’ll give you the training and resources that will help you open and maintain a thriving vape shop franchise. Best of all, our franchises have flexible location requirements. You can open a large free-standing store or a simple mall kiosk – we can work with you to develop a business plan to suit investors large and small. With a franchisor like VaporFi around, there’s no reason to go it alone.

Enjoy Greater Independence

Opening a vape shop franchise is an excellent way to find greater freedom in your professional life. You’ll be in charge of managing your own location and can decide for yourself which tasks you’d like to manage yourself, and which you’d like to delegate to your staff. As a result, you’re free to make important decisions like what hours you’d like to work, when you’d like to go on vacation, and when to take care of personal errands on your own without going through a human resources department. If you’re sick and tired of the corporate rat race, investing in a VaporFi franchise is a great alternative.

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