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3 Formats for Your Smoke Shop Franchise | VaporFi Franchise

Have you been considering opening a smoke shop franchise? If so, congratulations! You’ve identified a great investment! Now is a better time than ever to start a smoke shop franchise thanks to the surging popularity of vaping. Add the convenience and service one gets from local shops, and VaporFi becomes an excellent brick and mortar investment in the digital age. Best of all, when you franchise with VaporFi, we can help you open your shop just about anywhere! Our flexible business model makes it simple for our franchisees to build their businesses in places such as shopping centers, malls, and freestanding locations. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite smoke shop franchise locations.

A Smoke Shop Franchise in Free-Standing Buildings

There are many advantages to opening your VaporFi franchise in a free-standing building. These locations are typically larger and allow our franchisees to stock and display a wide range of our e-liquids and vaping devices. Often, they offer franchisees greater control over signage, creating more opportunity to catch the attention of passers-by. When you franchise with VaporFi, we’ll work with you to analyze demographic data and identify the best spot for your new smoke shop franchise. Free-standing buildings are often available in many parts of town, allowing you the freedom to open up shop as close as possible to your target population.

Mall Kiosk

Starting your business with a mall kiosk is a great option! The foot traffic in malls will expose your smoke shop franchise to customers of all kinds, giving you access to a broad, cross-section of various demographics. Compared to leasing a free-standing building or mall store, kiosks are relatively inexpensive. While they won’t allow you the space to offer all of VaporFi’s great products and services, you can introduce customers in your territory to our best-sellers, creating new customers and perhaps paving the way towards opening a larger store. Mall kiosks also allow franchisees to offer their products for a limited time, such as the holiday season.

Mall or Shopping Center Inline Store

Opening up a smoke shop franchise in a mall or shopping center is a great way to take advantage of consumer habits in your area. These locations are already well-established shopping destinations, and opening a store there will allow customers to access VaporFi’s products conveniently. These locations often offer simple leasing agreements, which makes it easier to open your franchise without an overwhelming amount of barriers.

As you can see, VaporFi is extremely flexible when it comes to the format of our smoke shop franchises. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to set up shop and understand that every community has its own unique retail venues. If you have an area in mind with a lot of potential customers and the right amount of foot traffic, we can help you set up a smoke shop franchise of your own!

What are you waiting for? To explore opening a smoke shop franchise in your community, contact VaporFi today!